The magnificent Amphitheatre is a rock wall approximately 5km in length, and forms part of the Drakensberg mountain range. This photograph was taken near the Mahai Visitor Centre in the Royal Natal National Park.

(you can click on the image for a bigger view)

We’re participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine‘s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers. This week’s challenge is “Mountains”

Have a look here if you’re interested in reading more about Royal Natal National Park


2 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. mjculverphotography

    Beautiful shot of the Drakensberg. You’re making me homesick again.

    We’re expecting rain this weekend, or at least, that’s what the forecasters say. However, we’ve learned through experience, that they’re not often right. I really was hoping we could get out and at least go for a walk in the woods.

    It’s turning very hot and very humid already. Way too early in the season so we’re in for a blistering summer. Yuck.

    Wishing you a beautiful day and a great weekend dear de Wet family.



    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thank you Joey!

      We’re in for a cold and possibly wet weekend here which means we’ll also be spending most of it indoors – no excuse not to catch up on some of the not-so-nice chores around the house now…

      We hope you and Marks are able to get into the woods, even if only for a couple of hours!

      Warm wishes to you both!




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