Letaba, February 2014

Following our explorations of the paradise that is Pafuri, in the far north of the Kruger National Park, we headed towards the central regions of the Park, for a two-night stay at Letaba Rest Camp. It’s a long drive down from Pafuri to Letaba and, at game viewing speeds with regular stops for photographs and […]

Letaba, February 2014

From Pafuri, we travelled southwards towards the central section of the Kruger National Park, spending two nights at peaceful Letaba Rest Camp and exploring the mopane country between the Letaba and Olifants Rivers. We had some great sightings – including wild dogs! – and will share some more photos from our visit to Letaba in […]

Letaba Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

Almost exactly in the middle of the Kruger National Park, on the southern bank of the broad and mostly sandy Letaba River, you will find the Letaba Rest Camp – a tranquil retreat beneath large, shady trees. Letaba welcomed its first guests back in 1929, and remains very popular with visitors to this day. Hutted […]

Satara Summer – Day 29 (2020/01/02)

We know it must sound like a terrible cliche by now, but “Wow! What an amazing day we had AGAIN!” The Kruger National Park just keeps delivering the most amazing and thrilling encounters for us! Our route today took us north, to Olifants, Letaba and a little beyond.

African Mourning Dove

Streptopelia decipiens African Mourning Doves inhabit tall riverine woodlands, feeding predominantly on grasses, seeds and small fruits, and occasionally termites, found by foraging on the ground. They are quite large doves, adults weighing around 160g and measuring about 30cm in length. This dove is usually seen singly or in monogamous pairs, only rarely congregating in larger […]

Celebrating our Tuskers

Elephants are a big drawcard for visitors to our parks and reserves, being charismatic animals and members of the famed “Big 5”. For us too, encountering elephants is always a special treat: witnessing the interactions between different herd members or the playful antics of the calves, and there’s few things in nature as beautiful as the […]

Sweeping views over the Olifants

Olifants Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

Olifants Rest Camp undoubtedly offers the best views of any of the Kruger National Park‘s camps, situated as it is on a cliff high above the Olifants River in the central regions of the Park. Many guests spend all day on their accommodation unit’s veranda, using their binoculars to scan the river below and the plains […]

Summer heat at Shingwedzi

After three enjoyable nights in Olifants‘ spectacularly situated unit 14, we had only a third of our December holiday in the Kruger National Park left. Happily that didn’t depress our mood too much, as we would be spending the last three nights in our beloved Shingwedzi Rest Camp. Soon after leaving Olifants, we came across a […]

Summer heat at Olifants

After three nights at Lower Sabie it was time to move northwards to the central regions of the Kruger National Park. Just as we set off, a light drizzle started falling, and kept falling for the entire 50km or so distance between Lower Sabie and Tshokwane picnic site. While the low clouds meant that we could […]