Kruger National Park, October 2012

As close to a wild lion as you can get!

Less than a month has passed since our previous visit, and the early spring rains have transformed the southern regions of the Kruger National Park into a lush green paradise. Animals abound – the reason why many of the Kruger-faithful refers to the south of the Park as “the zoo” – and a lot of the migratory birds that call South Africa home during our hot summer months have already made their appearance, joining the large number of bird species that are resident throughout the year.

We always lament the fact that a trip to the Kruger National Park seems to fly past in a heartbeat, and our three night visit (staying over in Skukuza and Crocodile Bridge Rest Camps) was no different. But this time Kruger kept the best for last – our parting gift, on the way to Malelane Gate, was a pride of about fifteen lions lazing around in and next to the road, delaying our exit by almost an hour (not that we’d ever complain!) before they decided to march right past our vehicle – a breathtaking experience that will remain in our memories for ever.

We’re happy to have been able to share some more pictures of our latest adventure with you (we’ve already published two images from this trip in weekly photo challenges – “Foreign” and “Escape“) in the hope that you’d be inspired by our natural heritage as much as we are!


8 thoughts on “Kruger National Park, October 2012

  1. thisisfaa

    It must be the best moments in life to be there, in the middle of nature, experiencing the nature and to really look at them eyes to eyes. Keep on sharing this kind of beauties, please. I love your photos 🙂


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thank you very much for the kind comment Faa, and welcome here at de Wets Wild! Indeed, we’re very blessed to be able to enjoy South Africa’s rich wildlife and sharing our experiences with everyone who cares to listen.


  2. Woolly Muses

    Only just read this in March 2014 and it brought back many memories….. So pleased to hear a “local” describe a lion sighting as “breath taking”. Makes feel a whole lot better about my ravings of sightings…particularly lions. One of group said he was often asked why he visited Africa. His response was..’ have never been, have you? Because if you had, you would not ask the question.’ We know that friends cannot grasp the concept of sighting lions at this range…there is a kind of blank look when you tell them. Forgive my rave. I loved SA and have several FaceBook friends as a result. We are on a count down for our next Safari.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      It’s exactly THAT feeling that keeps us returning to the bush every chance we get Woolly. Almost inexplicable but entirely addictive. When are you planning your next trip for, and where will you be heading?



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